My recent photographic works are poetic representations of places we know as prairies, forests, rivers, wetlands, orchards and gardens. As an artist l am interested in how one begins to develop relationships with nature, which is an extension of the idea of connecting "home" to memories of place that may endure longer than the physical built environment. With these photographic "field guides" my hope is that the natural world is viewed simultaneously as factual and imaginary. These multi-imaged works are not the long view of landscapes that the camera often records; my preference instead is for the empirical (knowing through observation and experience). the sensate (activating touch, smelt color, temperature, etc.), and the inductive (from the particular to the general).

The large scale photographic works invite the viewer to see the environment as a whole by looking at it from a distance, or by getting physically close to experence the intimacy and environmental diversity of plant life.